Metalcore Night

Metalcore. Post-hardcore. horror.

Emo night goes heavy! Scream, drink, and mosh to your favorite metalcore, post-hardcore, screamo, hardcore, punk, and metal songs. 

Coming Winter/spring 2023 in Pittsburgh, PA and summer 2023 in other cities across the us!

See you in the pit!

Metalcore. Post-Hardcore. Way more.

SCREAM! isn’t just metalcore. We’re happy to consider any heavy genre that makes sense at our events – which could include post-hardcore, punk, hardcore, and other sub-genres. 

Here’s a random sampling of the bands we play. For a more complete list (but always growing), click here.


Get your song requests in early and we’ll try to get it onto our playlist. We’re open to any “heavy” requests. Go off. If it makes sense, we’ll do our best to get it into rotation.

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